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More than 150000+ cured patients have chosen our natural Ayurvedic treatment and they are happy because Ayurveda has changed their lives exceptionally.

Kidney Treatment

A condition caused by kidney failure, where the kidney is not able to remove waste and extra fluid from the blood. And this could lead to serious damage to the whole body, both physically and mentally. At Sai Sanjivani, we treat people with natural treatment with no side effects. So, for better natural treatment in Delhi, Sai Sanjivani offers the top chronic kidney disease medications.

Paralysis Treatment

Paralysis is a problem on the inside – it originates from the brain. Our nervous system transmits information from the brain to our muscles so they can move. If these impulses get interrupted by any clot or hemorrhage, our muscles lose strength and the ability to move. Sai Sanjivani provides Ayurvedic treatments that bring faster recovery with the ability to move.

What Sets Us Apart

Sai Sanjivani is the top facility for treating Kidney and paralysis diseases in India. Millions of people all over the world choose Sai Sanjivani as their first option for its holistic healthcare that is completely and totally focused on every person with the combination of prescription medications, dietary modifications, and lifestyle choices to offer the highest quality of care and treatment for the patients.


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Kidney Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Kidney disease occurs when your kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood properly. You are at greater risk for kidney disease if you have Diabetes or high blood pressure.

The symptoms of kidney disease are weight loss and poor appetite, shortness of breath, blood in urine, tiredness, itchy skin, and edema.

Causes of kidney disease are Diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and heart disease.

Natural herbs like Punarnava, Palash, Gokshura, and Chandan maintains the level of fluids in the cells to aid in the healthy flow of urine. Regularly using this Ayurvedic medicine treats kidney failure and revitalizes the whole body.

Paralysis Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Paralysis is a common side effect of a Brain Stroke or an outcome of a spinal cord injury. It can be defined as the loss of mobility or the affected motor skills in some or all regions of a body.

The initial symptoms that are crucial for self-diagnosis are muscle stiffness, sudden weakness on either side of the face, slurred speech, numbness, loss of balance and difficulty in coordination.

Common causes include high blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Ayurvedic treatment is reputed as the best way to Paralysis recovery and when Ayurvedic medicine is paired with the right diet and strengthening exercises – the results are remarkable.

Patient Stories: Hope & Healing

From despair to hope: inspiring stories of kidney and paralysis patients who regained their lives with our compassionate care.


Mrs. Santosh

Mrs. Santosh is a kidney patient from Delhi. She came to know about her disease 4 months back. She realized this only after having trouble with sleeping, walking, lack of sight, and even nausea. Due to this kidney problem, her levels were above 4. Somehow, she found out about Sai Sanjivani and with the right treatment and proper medication for only 1.5 months, her creatinine levels dropped from 4 to 1.25.


Mr. Alok

Alok is a 22 years old resident from Kanpur, UP. He was having regular vomiting, pain, and problem in breathing. Later he was hospitalised and doctors found about his kidney problem. His creatinine levels were above 9 but he refused to perform dialysis. Soon after that, found out about Sai Sanjivani through YouTube and started the treatment and within just 15 days his creatinine levels decreased from 9 to 6.61.


Ms. Kavita

Ms. Kavita was suffering from kidney shrinkage. She got to know about Sai Sanjivani through YouTube. Right after that, she started with the treatment. Now, it’s been one month from 1, December 2022. Her treatment is going on with Sai Sajnivani, and Ms Kavita recovered from fatigue, and getting all the energy to do household work by herself. She is fully satisfied with the treatment received from Sai Sanjivani and her kidney is working fine now.


Mr. GR Sharma

My father has been a Paralysis patient for the last 2 years and we thought he cannot get well. Then, my friend told me about Sai Sanjivani. I called and talked to one of the doctors there, who assured me that they can help. I send them the reports, my father was prescribed some Ayurvedic medicines, exercises and diet, and he’s getting better every day.


Ms. Akshita

My daughter is 9 years old and she was showing signs of facial paralysis a few months ago. I searched the Internet for several hours but nothing. One of our family friends suggested we talk to Dr. Puru Dhawan. We visited Sai Sanjivani and they told us that we had nothing to worry. And now, my daughter’s speech and face has recovered up to 70%.


Mr. Mahendra Kumar

I spent 3 years consulting doctors and trying different medicine regimen but to no avail. One day I came across a YouTube ad and I decided to give a try. I booked an appointment, visited and talked to the doctors there. I became confident right after we talked – I remember thinking “I will get better here”, and today, it is true – Thank you Sai Sanjivani.

Get back on the road to good health – book your appointment with our trusted doctor now!

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