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Diet for paralysis patient

Paralysis diet for patient – As we know Food is something we all love, and the variety it offers has us mesmerized. It is an integral part of all our lives, and life has no meaning without it. Now, imagine that you suddenly get restricted on what you can eat!

Well, for every Paralysis patient, it is a reality. For their health conditions, doctors restrict their diet to ensure they treat the root cause and help them recover. We know it isn’t easy, but they strictly adhere to it.

This entire read has been dedicated to helping stroke patients find pleasure in their taste buds and keeping them healthy. Diet for Paralysis patients often begins with a soft or liquid diet, and we’ll be telling you all about it in detail.

Not just that, we have procured a list of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, and meat that delivers incredible benefits to the patients. Yes, you’d find it in the later sections of the read. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an exact diet plan for Paralysis patients – it is for the doctors and certified nutritionists to offer.

But, before moving any further, it is essential to understand what Stroke is and how Paralysis is related to it. And then, we’d move to the Paralysis diet tips.

What is a stroke?

When you talk about a stroke, it is categorized as a medical emergency, and rightfully so. Damage to an individual’s brain originates from interrupting their blood supply. So, if you’re wondering what causes a brain stroke – the primary cause is a blockage in the brain’s blood flow, and the other is brain hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain).

Common symptoms of the disease include trouble walking, talking, and understanding. And in other cases, Paralysis (immobility of the face, arms, or legs) has a high chance. Although in several parts of the world, Stroke and Paralysis are used interchangeably – the latter is a side effect of the former and not another word.

Tons of treatments can help patients in the long run, but TPA, or the clot-busting drug, is the most used globally. And even if it helps a lot, in some cases, it can worsen the brain’s bleeding; thus, we would like to side with something that poses no further harm – Ayurvedic treatment.

Paralysis Diet & Ayurvedic Treatment

Treating diseases with nature is one of the most amazing things that exist. If you can treat it naturally, why take chances with any chemicals and artificial particles?

It is something that everyone at SRIAAS believes in and aims to achieve for every disease. Promoting a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, the team of doctors here ensures complete assistance to patients and their families.

The treatment is customized for each patient depending upon their condition with a combination of herbal medicines, massage therapy, yoga, Physiotherapy, meditation, and diet for Paralysis patients. The idea is to undergo an internal purification procedure to believe in recovery and eating healthy.

Planning the Paralysis diet

The first thing in the treatment is to carefully assess the patient’s condition, understand the problem areas, and plan a Paralysis diet. Once it is done, doctors list out the best food for paralysis patients, which is initially a liquid diet.

Due to the disabling disease, patients may have difficulty chewing and swallowing, and recovery needs their bodies to have all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, a liquid diet is formulated for the first few weeks. Then, gradually, doctors allow solid food when there is an improvement. And it is needless to say that medicines and exercises go hand in hand.

Paralysis diet Liquid

When a section of the digestive tract is compromised and a stroke patient attempts to eat, they may encounter various difficulties. Stroke patients are already under a lot of stress when they find they’ve lost some of their bodily functions, so it’s critical to make eating as easy as possible.

The amount of processing required to make food easier to chew and swallow greatly amongst soft diets. As a result, a liquid diet for Paralysis patients is the ideal option. It can be juices, soups, liquid meal supplements, and so much more.

What juice is good for stroke patients?

The team of doctors at SRIAAS is highly skilled and has been testing and trying to come up with the best diet suggestions that can provide all the required nutrition despite being a liquid diet. Here, in this section of the read, you’d learn about the list of juices and soups that Paralysis patients need to include in their diets:

  • Pineapple Juice –The fruit’s stem consists of Bromelain, an enzyme to help patients with pain relief.

Paralysis Diet - Pineapple Juice

  • Chicken Soup – It is an excellent source of high protein and vitamins that helps patients build up their strength.

Paralysis Diet Chicken Soup

  • Vegetable Soup – This high-protein option can help patients gain strength and add to the recovery procedure.

Paralysis Diet Vegetable Soup


  • Lentil Soup – It is an easy and customizable protein-rich option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It can be paired with other vegetables for some added taste.
Paralysis Diet Lentil Soup
In Paralysis Diet-Milk for stroke patients

Milk is universally known as a complete food because of its nutritional properties and benefits. Paralysis patients deal with a lot of weakness, and it needs to be understood that they need muscle strength to move toward recovery. And milk can provide the mandatory nutrition for it.

It is said that potassium can help with containing blood pressure, and since one of the primary causes of a stroke is high blood pressure, milk is a great choice. However, its fat and carbohydrate content may affect recovery negatively, so almond milk and double-toned or low-fat cow’s milk are recommended.

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