| 50,000+ Paralysis patients have been cured with Advanced Paralysis Treatment

Sai Sanjivani helps to regain muscle movement with advanced paralysis treatment by working on the damaged Brain tissue, as brain stroke is the main cause of paralysis. Brain stroke happens due to Infract or Haemorrhage in which brain tissue gets damaged and results in complete or partial loss of muscle movement. We at Sai Sanjivani, helps to recover the damaged brain tissue and increase Neuroplasticity (healing process of brain), to improve paralysed condition of the patients.


Normally most of the paralysis patient considers allopathic medicines and physiotherapy for their Paralysis  treatment but if you will evaluate the treatment you will only find medicines for ailments like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol and general weakness and physiotherapy works only on muscle level. In both types of treatments, nothing has been done to improve brain function which results in non improvement in paralytic condition due to Brain stroke.


In initial 6 months of brain stroke, patients condition improves itself due to Neuroplasticity (Natural brain healing) but after 6 months of improvement period the recovery slow down and even after physiotherapy and allopathic treatment, the patients condition remains paralytic. So, it is important for a paralysis patient to work on the damaged brain tissues to regain power, range and mobility in paralyzed arm and leg. We at Sai Sanjivani, stimulates brain to restart Neuroplasicity (heals brain) so that lost movements can be regained in arm and legs of a paralysis patient.


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