Do we have to stop Dialysis ?

No, dialysis is a filtration process which is performed outside body, with the help of machine, known as dialyzer, if the patient is on dialysis, along with dialysis our medicines are also given, after few days, as the the level of creatinine and urea falls, requirement for dialysis is significantly reduced, once the creatinine and urea levels comes is complete control, dialysis can be stopped.

Can we continue our Allopathic treatment?

we, at sai sanjivani never advises patient to stop any allopathic medicines, both the treatment runs parallel until, normal value are not achieved, once normal values are achieved, allopathic medicines are gradually withdrawal.

What is the duration of course?

On the basis of KFT report, treatment for one month is given to the patient, after one month, another KFT is requested, changes in the report is examined by the doctors, these changes helps doctor to estimate the duration of treatment.