Patient - Usha Pant, case of parlaysis caused by Infract, since 2012.

Mrs. Usha Pant suffered from paralysis attack in 2012, after 6 years of no improvement, finally she got treatment from Sai Sanjivani, even after 6 years, within few months she has shown good recovery in her condition.

Anurag Age 20years - Patient of Quadriplegia, Cause- Spinal & Head Injury

Mr. Anurag suffered from head & spinal injury in January 2017, after the accident he was unable to move or sense his body below his neck. After treatment of the 7-months condition of Anurag has been improved a lot, which is not generally seen in case of spinal injury.



Patient- Siddharth Gupta age 6 Yrs

One day Siddharth was playing with his friend, when he fell while playing, at that time nothing happens, he was completely fine, but suddenly at night he suffered from paralysis attack, his right side became paralyzed, he was very young to express his condition to parents.

After treatment for two months, the condition of Siddharth has improved dramatically, watch the complete interview .

Patient- Mr. Shiv Lal, Age 65 years, Paralysis since 2012

Mr. ShivLal was suffering from paralysis since 2012, his left side of the body was affected by stroke, he was completely bed ridden, unable to walk or raise his left hand.

After treatment for 5 months, he showed improvement of 50% in his paralytic condition, now he is fully capable to walk, his arm also showed significant improvement.

Patient- Nitish Raj Age 30, Suffered from paralysis from 10 years

Mr. Nitish Raj Suffered from Paralysis in the year 2007, from last 10 years, he was unbaled to walk properly, he used to drag his right foot, sometimes he used to fall while walking and his right hand was spastic, making his dependent on others.

After 1 month of treatment, the patient has reported recovery of 50% in his condition, now he raised his arm, the grip is also improved significantly.
Now he can walk without fear to fall, with almost proper gait.

Mr. Umed Singh - double stroke

Mr. Umed Singh has faced two paralysis attack, first in 2004 then his left side was affected, he recovered well, then in 2008 he suffered the second stroke, which affected his right side, effect of these strokes was very devastating, his speech was slurred, totally nonrecognizable, he was unable to walk 100 meters.

After 6 days of treatment, he has shown tremendous changes in his condition, the speech was slurred but recognizable, he was able to walk long distances.

Patient- Mr. Arvind, Case of Spinal Injury R/o Kannauj Uttar Pradesh

Mr. Arvind suffered a spinal injury in 2016 from a bike accident, his body was completely paralyzed below his chest, he was dependent on others. Even to turn his on the bed, he needs the help of other.
After one month of treatment, Mr. Arvind has shown tremendous results, he was walking independently, even the doctors are astonished by his improvement.

Kushal Singh - Case of Accidental Paraplegia

In 2015 Kushal Singh fell into a valley from a height of above 300 feets, fortunately, he survived, but all his sensation below the waist was lost, unable to detect urine and stool urge.

Because of severe damage to spinal cord due to fall and surgery, our treatment took little longer to show results, now he can sense urine and stool urge. Movements in his leg have started after treatment of 6 months only.

Patient- Ram Dutt Thakur R/o Solan, Himachal Pradesh

Mr. Ram Dutt Thakur Was suffering from paralysis from last few years, unable to walk properly, he was facing the problem because of the excess amount of spasm in his arm and leg.

After 15 days of treatment, spasm of his arm and leg was almost resolved, now he is capable to walk properly. watch the video

Sameer Sheikh- R/o Pune, Maharashtra

In 2013 Sameer suffered a major attack of paralysis, affecting his left side, so badly, making him completely bed ridden. Four men are required to lift him, after treatment from various places, he found recovery from Our treatment.
After 3 months of treatment, Mr. Sameer is able to walk again after 4 years.

Patient - Ram Chandra R/o Mumbai Paralysis attack in 2009

Mr. Ram Chandra suffered from paralysis stroke in 2009, the stroke affected his left side of the body, making it paralyzed, foot recovered well, but the hand was not showing any improvement from last 8 years.

After treatment for 2-3 Months, his arm showed significant improvement, now he is happy for his arm improvement. He Find more strength in his leg, able to walk better.