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    Paralysis Treatment at Sai Sanjivani

    Paralysis is a well-known disability disease that is getting normalized day by day. It has been given a reputation for being one of the major reasons behind increasing deaths throughout the world. However, we, at Sai Sanjivani, have found a cure for it. Surely, there are experts who prescribe different medicines to people, but we stick to what we believe in – AYURVEDA.

    You may know that Ayurvedic treatments have been in the roots of our culture and the success of our treatments can speak for themselves. Our medicines, organic massage oils, customized diet plans and exercise recommendations have shown great results that you can rely on. The treatment procedure at Sai Sanjivani is quite simple – we listen, we understand and walk with you to recovery – every step of the way.

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    Patterns of Muscle Paralysis

    Bell’s Palsy Treatment

    It is believed that Bell ’s palsy is one of the very reputed condition that indicates swelling and inflammation of the nerves controlling facial muscles. This medical condition makes the muscles of either side of the face to droop. The causes can be nerve inflammation and reaction to a viral infection. The muscle weakness on one side of the face is temporary and gets better in a few weeks’ time.

    The eyes, and the voice are the most affected areas in Bell’s Palsy, other than taste and sound sensitivity. And talking about treating it with us, at Sai Sanjivani, we are all set to take you on a natural journey of treatment. Our medications, personalized diet charts, and physical therapy have got a lot of success. This face disability can be cured with Ayurveda and we are sure that we can help you.

    How Our Treatment Works

    In initial 6 months of brain stroke, patients condition improves itself due to Neuroplasticity (Natural brain healing), but after 6 months of improvement period the recovery slows down and even after physiotherapy and allopathic treatment, the patient’s condition remains paralytic. So, a paralysis patient needs to work on the damaged brain tissues to regain power, range, and mobility in paralyzed arm and leg. We at Sai Sanjivani, stimulates the brain to restart Neuroplasticity (heals brain) so that lost movements can be regained in arm and legs of a paralysis patient.

    Sai Sanjivani is a leading and well-trusted ayurvedic center that treats patients suffering from paralysis all over the world. We provide 100% safe herbal medicines and proper diet plans to our paralysis patients. Dr. Puru Dhawan (BAMS) advises a complete course of Ayurvedic medicines and a diet chart for paralysis.

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