About Paralysis

Paralysis is the loss of functioning of the set of muscles, partially or completely, it can take place in any part of the body, limbs and face are common sites. A major cause of paralysis is the stroke, in which clot blocks the circulation in the brain, which causes loss of sensation and movement of that part, which is controlled by that very section of the brain, which is oxygen deficit because of the clot.

How Medicines Works ?

Our medicines work on the root cause of paralysis, it works directly on nervous tissue to stimulate it to develop an alternate route for conductance of electrical signals. In stroke tissues of the brain became inoperational, nervous tissue can't be regenerated, but the brain can adapt to send the signal to body parts from another route.

How much time does medicines take to show results?

Most of the patients show sign of improvement within the first week of treatment, patients have reported improved movement in paralytic limb, improvement in speech, improvement in grip and gait, improvement in muscle tone within a week of treatment.

Do we have to stop allopathic medicines for your ayurvedic treatment?

No, Sai Sanjivani never suggests patients to stop allopathic treatment for High blood pressure, Sugar, Cholesterol for any other ailment. Our treatment works only on your nervous tissue, it helps the body to develop an alternate route for electrical conductance to the limb.


More than 70% patients show improvement in paralytic condition within the first month of treatment, patients have reported improvement in muscle tonicity, speech, gait, grip from the very first week of Treatment.

*Results varies person to person